29.06.: Applying in Germany (part 2 - interview)

Intercultural workshop: How to apply for jobs in Germany?

Applying for a job in a new country can be tricky. It´s not only in a different language, but, also the strategies, standards and expectations are different. In some countries, you don't attach a picture of yourself on your CV, in Germany you better do! In some countries, you would never mention your hobbies in a cover letter - but how does this work in Germany?

This 3-day workshop takes you on a journey through the german application process best practice examples (cover letters, CV and interviews). You can train your skills through practical exercises and have your questions concerning the job application in Germany answered.

The modules can be booked individually, but we recommend to attend all three dates.

Every workshop is in two parts: 2 Hour online seminar followed by individual feedback. The date and time for feedback will be decided individually.

Modul 1: Application documents/ written communication in the process of job application (8th of June)

The first module will introduce you to the world of written communication in the process of a german job application:

  • Which application documents are common in Germany?
  • How to write a successful cover letter
  • How to create a CV for jobs in Germany

Modul 2: Guidelines for the telephone and in job interviews (29th of June)

In this module, you will learn about communication strategies and train your skills in role plays, such as:

  • How to tell and sell my story for the job
  • How to establish the first contact over the telephone with a company
  • How to navigate obstacles in the job interview

Modul 3: Intercultural orientation: How to apply successfully in Germany (8th of July)

In the last module, you will learn about the intercultural differences and find answers to questions as:

  • What is a successful strategy for a job application in Germany?
  • How to use Storytelling in job applications
  • How to analyze job offers in Germany

The participants receive wide professional input and will learn by exercises, examples, ideas and personal step-by-step support how to receive an internship or a job in Germany.


Helpful tips

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