19.11.: Basics of application mit Gruppencoaching

This workshop is intended for students which would like to get to know the basics of application in Germany. The central topics are:

  • What are the criteria for an appealing picture?
  • How should the CV be structured?
  • What is important for a convincing cover letter?

We also invite you to bring your personal CV and/or cover letter: After a presentation, you will get the chance to review your application documents in groups.

Helpful Tips

If you are unable to attend an event for important reasons, please cancel your registration as soon as possible. Unexcused absences mean that you can no longer register for further events yourself online, but only after a personal conversation at the Career Center.

If all seats have already been allocated, click on "Warteliste". Since it unfortunately happens again and again that registered persons do not appear to the events, it is worthwhile to come on good luck to the meeting. It is often still possible to participate spontaneously.

KursnrOffer No.DetailsDetailTagDayZeitTimeOrtLocationZeitraumDurationLeitungGuidancePreisCostBuchungBooking
240Mo10:30-12:00Gebäude A (OST), Raum 2.7919.11.Sibylle Kronenwerth, Michaela Hoppeentgeltfreiabgelaufen