08.01. + 23.01.: Job Seeking Skills - Mod 1

08.01.2021: Job Seeking Skills ? Introduction to Coaching Session

23.01.2021: Job Seeking Skills ? Coaching Sessions

Module 1: Online Coaching-Tandem working on Cover Letter (CL) and Curriculum Vitae (CV)


The objective of this Online Coaching-Tandem Module is to address the challenges in the field of job application for international companies and to improve your CV and CL accordingly. You will reflect your personal profile and the job requirements and develop strategies to present yourself in your written documents authentically and professionally.

ZOOM Meeting: Introductory session (compulsory) 8th January 2021 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

The access data will be sent to the participants by Email in advance.

The trainer/coach will introduce you to available resources and explain the procedure for the Online Coaching Tandem Module on Saturday 23rd January 2021. Please send a CV which you have designed in the past beforehand to the trainer to share it with your student colleagues in the introductory session. The matching process of the student-tandems will be initiated.

Your Preparation for the Online Coaching with your Tandem Partner and the Coach:

After finding a job advertisement which appeals to you, you will compose YOUR CL and a CV using various online resources. You will tailor both accordingly to the job requirements and send the three documents to a student colleague - your tandem partner. You will be matched with a tandem partner after your application.

As soon as you know your tandem partner, send your files to her or him. You and your partner will make each other familiar with the documents and will give feedback to each other. Please use the Tracemodus in the Word Documents.

These revised documents need to be handed to the coach by the 18th January 2021. (Mailadress will be provided after confirmation of application and Tandem matching). The coaching sessions for one Tandem will last maximum 75 minutes. Please prepare yourself well to make the most of the sessions.


Saturday: 23rd January 2021


Elke Mätschke, Consultant with the emphasis on Career Planning, Mentoring and Training


Important notes on registration and deregistration

  • If all places are already taken, you are welcome to join the waiting list. We will then inform you as soon as places become available.
  • If you are unable to attend an event requiring registration for important reasons, please cancel your registration as soon as possible. Unexcused absence means that you will not be able to register for further events.
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