01.02.: Job Seeking Skills: Cover Letter and CV


The objective of this workshop is to address the key challenges in the field of job applications for positions in the British market and in international companies in Germany. After finding a suitable job advert, you will first compose a cover letter to apply for this job or internship. You will then tailor your CV according to the job requirements.

You will engage in discussions and activities aimed at strategies to develop and present yourself authentically and professionally. At the end of the session, you will have the necessary tools to write your own role-specific cover letter.

Key issues

  • job application procedures
  • analysing the job advertisement: the job requirements
  • application forms
  • Academic CV
  • different formats of CVs, British and European
  • cover letter: matching your structure, content and language to the job desired
  • references
  • your profile: identify your skills
  • finding out about your future employer
  • effective use of professional social networks (Xing, Linkedin etc.)
  • advantages of personalised CV format over standard templates


Helpful Tips

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136Sa09:00-16:30Gebäude A (WEST), Raum 0.1401.02.Elke Mätschkeentgeltfrei